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Web Development, keep to what is new and thrive

Have you ever thought about how you can quickly click on a link and bingo you get teleported to a whole new world? Well, maybe yes. You must be thinking; website pages surely do have a place where they rest their heads after giving you all the information you need. You are right! For websites to be readily available, they are hosted on a server.

A server contains the file of the web page you are viewing now and renders this page whenever your computer requests to see it, just as you are doing now. Sounds simple right? Hopefully yes.

What does it take to have your webpage on a server where everyone can see it? Well, firstly you need to understand how to talk to a server. That sounds like going to mars on a jetpack right? After all, you are not superman (or are you?).

Well, web development to the rescue. Web development involves more than designing a website. It comprises the more advanced part of a web site’s functionality, which includes communicating with the server (we are heading to that) and building databases.

Languages like PHP, ASP and so on have been developed to make communication with the server side of a website more natural for humans. Now you can easily tell the server what to do depending on the situation. More so, you can access a database containing a humongous amount of information over the server. Web development involves adding advanced functionality to your website.

Some persons, however, explain website development to comprise of both design and back-end of a web page (yeah, the back-end has to do with operations relating to the server). Most websites requiring back-end implementation usually have databases.

So if you plan on designing a website that has signs up new superheroes that have won battles against villains, you need to learn to speak directly with the server and get your site done.